Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Bug

Here are a few recent shots of Little Bug. He's 2 months old now and smiling a ton. Of course the pictures of his smiles are never as good as catching them in person, but they are worth posting anyway!

Little Bug loves to be on his tummy and is super strong. He lifts his head and shoulders up off the ground easily and loves to look around from that perspective. He also loves to stand, and with just a little bit of support for balance, he can hold his own weight pretty well. The look of pride and satisfaction on his face is almost comical when you stand him up in your lap. He grunts and strains with the effort of holding himself upright, but he is just so pleased with himself while he's doing it. So cute!

Little Bug has started to coo and "talk" which we all love. He loves to converse with anyone willing to get at his level and chat with him, which as you may guess around here is just about everyone all the time! He does love to be held and has a particular love for his Momma, but he's happy to chat with everyone. The kids all love to hold him and pet his silky soft hair, and though he can be a bit persnickety about being passed around too much he's a pretty good sport most of the time. ;o)

He really is such a sweetheart and we all adore our Little Bug. His brothers and sister all delight in any smile they get from him and all love to help him when he's sad. Thankfully he likes his binky, so they can always help with that!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010