Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some pictures

Just a few pictures from Baby Girl's (I still need to come up with the right blog name for her...) first days, mostly of her siblings meeting her for the first time just an hour after she was born.
Girly Pie meeting her baby sister. She's so delighted to have a sister now. What a precious gift.

Goose thinks she's the most beautiful thing ever.
Sweet Punky. He is so amazing - and so proud to be the biggest brother. He thinks Baby Girl is the cutest thing ever, too.

My Amazing husband. Two little girls to raise now. He's thrilled... and terrified at the same time. ;o)

The whole crew of kiddos.

Finny is smitten. He may be the biggest baby lover of them all. Next to his Momma, of course.

Sweet Bug. He's only 13 1/2 months old, but so sweet and loves to cover Baby Girl with kisses.

Our sweet new baby girl.

Big brown eyes.

I love her little hands...

Cute girl!