Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Six Reasons to Smile

Of course there are a million other reasons to smile every day... but here are the reasons behind most of the smiles around here.

Punky - nine years old now and as handsome as ever. So much more "man" and so much less "boy" in him every day.

Finny - seven years old and such a delight. This boy has the sweetest heart ever.

Goose - just weeks shy of his fifth birthday and blowing our minds daily with his wit and intellect. This one is probably responsible for more laughs (and more brows furrowed in thought over insanely deep questions and observations) in a day than all the others combined!

Girly Pie - just turned three and so full of light and life she might just burst. Or she may fall to the floor in an emotional puddle of tears. You just never know with her... ;o)

Lellybug - fifteen months old and the sweet little prince of the family. This boy adds so much joy to our home!

And Sweet Pea - ten weeks old tomorrow and the pride and joy of all her brothers and her sister (and her Momma and Daddy, too). This little girl has a smile that can melt icebergs - and we all love that she sticks her tongue out almost all the time, too!