Monday, February 22, 2010

First day scheduling with five...


Do you ever say to yourself, "I know there is a better way, but... good enough is OK." ?

Today, I'm thinking good enough is, indeed, good enough. ;o)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Bug's 1st bath

My Little Bug had his first bath a few days back, and I wanted to share a few of the pictures. He's just so cute!

Getting ready and awaiting the fun. Can't you see how excited he is?

He's so calm even when undressed. I love that Little Bug so far seems to be pretty laid back. But I guess at only 11 days old he still has a long time to really become opinionated. ;o)
Time to rinse off those lovely brown locks and see how they look when clean and fresh...

Look at those cheeks. At his first pediatric check yesterday he was already past his birth weight. I'm so pleased to see him chubbing up already!

Is there anything sweeter in the world than baby toes?

Gazing adoringly up at his beloved Momma. ;o)

Not sure if you can see... but look at those curls as his hair dries! Newborn Finny was like that after baths too, but trust me when I say that there is not a single curl in our entire house. We are as straight haired as they come around here. ;o)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It worked!

OK. I got the picture thing to work.
So here are some pictures of our sweet little man in his first few days.
I told you he was cute! ;o)
Moments after he was born...

Newborn check with the midwife... he's perfect and healthy.

Cute little face - a day or so old. Look at that hair!

My little man. I know you want to know his name...

Sleepy smiles.
OK. I'll tell you just this once...
I'd like you to meet our beautiful son...
Elliott Laurence.

(Shhh... don't tell. He'll have a blog name soon enough.)

I tried...

Ack! I am trying to upload pictures of our Little Man to share with you all... but the blogger site is not cooperating. Bummer. Hopefully it'll work for me next time I have a spare moment and the initiative to sit down and do it (not that I know when that will be!).

As it is I'm about to go relax with him while the little guys sleep and we wait for my Hubby and the two biggest boys to return from their Awana Grand Prix race. They've spent the past weeks and days working on their little derby cars and are hoping for some big prizes tonight.

I had a funny moment the other day though, sitting up in bed just two days after giving birth to my Little Bug (not sure what his blog or real life nickname is yet - I'm still working on one that fits - but hey, at least we finally came up with his official name!). Little Man weighed the same at birth as my oldest did, who will be eight years old next week. So since this guy's birth I've been thinking a lot about Punky and how big he is and remembering all that I can about him when he was new and wee like this guy. And as I sat in bed, a days old baby on one side of me, math work waiting to be graded on the other side, and a derby car in my lap as I painted the perfect flames on it's side for my dear Finny (who will settle for no less than perfect, mind you) I had to laugh. I just said a quiet heart to heart prayer and laughed with God that the last time I held a days old 7lbs 6oz newborn son in my lap I never imagined that eight years down the road I'd be doing it again, only this time with the aforementioned math and painting at the same time. But I knew God had known that's what I'd be doing eight years down that road of motherhood. It's just so different now than it was with just the one little baby. Sure, there's less time to sit and stare at him, and I can't just hide away and cocoon forever as I did with Punky. But life is so much more full, so much more alive now welcoming the fifth into the family. I love pregnancy, and I love welcoming a new little life into the world. I feel more blessed than I can put into words that God has allowed me to be a part of that miracle even once, but to allow me to share in that five times? There really aren't words to describe the gift in that. But I love all of it - the math, the laundry, the deep conversations, the phonics lessons, the meal plan struggles, the doctor's appointments and the itsy bitsy spider songs and the potty training and the quiet evenings with my husband.

I am humbled and blessed so completely to live this life God has chosen for me. And as we all go about our life and as our little guy settles so neatly into his place in the family, I really do have to chuckle now and then at the life I live now. I wouldn't change a bit of it, but it's not the life I had imagined I'd be living. Not at all.

I love that God knows better than we do what it is we are meant to do. Because my way wouldn't have brought the marriage I have. My way wouldn't have had the kids I have. My way had never even heard of homeschooling. My way, well, my way just wasn't the right way. It was just an idea brought forth from my tiny perspective in the tiny life I had lived. But God's way for us - well his perspective is huge, it's everywhere and over all time. He doesn't make mistakes. And as I live each moment of the day in the perfect life He has made - the one He knew all along was just right for me and for the family he was surrounding me with - I just feel so thankful that He made His way be known and come to pass.

OK. Off I go. I'm sure there are a few of you waiting for labor details, and I really will get to that soon. Hopefully with pictures, too. But for now - be content to know labor was great, God was present, and Baby Boy is the cutest thing you ever saw. Trust me. It's true. ;o)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time stands still

Our new Little Man is 3 days old now, and this afternoon for the first time he and I ventured downstairs to rejoin the rest of the world.

For three days he and I sat up in the master bedroom and got to know one another. I got to gaze at his sweet face and memorize those perfect little features. I was able to familiarize myself with his little wimpers and squeaks. I stroked his dark hair and dreamed over his future and thought over the memories of this pregnancy and cried over the beauty of it all more times than I can count. Waves of hormone induced tears came at random moments through our beautiful little three day retreat together. We were far from lonely - the rest of the family came in and out of our room as they pleased - to visit with me, to snuggle with him, just to check in and stay close. But for the most part life went on as usual downstairs without us. Chores were done, school was accomplished, owies were kissed, tantrums were thrown and wet pants were changed. And Little Man and I just sat apart in our own separate little world through it all.

And I admit there were moments through the tears (am I the only woman who cries for no reason whatsoever in the days following birth?) when I felt sad that this new cocooning time would soon be ending and that real life would start again for Little Man and me. I was afraid to make that trek downstairs, knowing I would not go down again as the pregnant woman I was the last time I trekked up those same stairs. Life had changed, and could I handle this new life once it really started in earnest?

So this afternoon I came down when it looked like Girly Pie was too disagreeable to join Daddy and the boys for a trip to the park. But by the time I was ready to take over the care of one little girl and one baby boy, she had got her ducks in a row and was ready to hit the road with the gang. So Little Man and I were left alone downstairs for a while.

And you know what? Time indeed did not stand still while we had been upstairs. There were dishes in the sink and laundry in the hamper. The toys had been played with and only partly cleaned up. Sippy cups on the counters and crumbs on the floor.

But here's the crazy thing. Instead of feeling overwhelmed as I looked around the house, I actually felt better. As I stood there with my sweet Little Man in my arms - bright eyed and quiet as he gazed around his home for the first time - I realized suddenly how much I had missed all of it. I missed the dishes and the noise and the laundry rotation. I missed the morning sweeping of the floor and the setting of the dinner table.

Yes, my honeymoon with Little Man was wonderful. The rest was wonderful and I'm sure it will be a blessing to us all in the weeks to come that I was able to rest so much at first and will hopefully be blessed with more energy to do all that I am called to do now. I am so blessed to have a husband who is so willing to work extra hard to give me that time to recover both physically and emotionally.

But to come back downstairs and to look all around me at the pieces of life that remind me of all that goes on in my life in a day was a beautiful thing. And as I stood there with Little Man in my arms, instead of feeling strange and new, instead of wondering if I'd miss the joy of pregnancy, not knowing if I'd ever get to experience it again (always a struggle for me after I have a baby), I was so glad to get to share it all with him. Suddenly, the person who was missing from our family felt like he was really there to fill the hole I hadn't realized was empty. As I walked around downstairs with that Little Man, I felt like we were home.

And it feels so very good to be home. ;o)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And baby makes 7...

I am honored to announce the birth of our newest child...

Our fifth child was born at 5:24 Saturday morning, February 6, 2010. Weighing in at 7lbs 6oz and measuring 19 3/4 inches long, after only two hours of labor we were blessed to welcome our newest son into the world.

He is beautiful, perfect, sweet and amazing. We're still not quite sure what his name is yet, but the kids have all got little nicknames for him. Girly Pie calls him "New Baby." Goose mostly calls him "My Baby" or "Little Tiny Baby." Finny calls him "Baby No Name." Punky just calls him "The Baby." But whatever he is called, he's just perfect. And there is no lack of love or open arms around here for this sweet little man. We're not quite sure if his eyes are going brown or blue yet, mostly because he's been so sleepy since his birth that we have had a hard time getting a good look at them in the light. He has a full head of long, dark brown hair and the sweetest little face. He reminds us very much of Goose when he was born - but still has very much his own look.

He is just perfect.

I'm still resting up in bed, and am just posting quickly from my hubby's laptop. So I'll have to post pictures and give the full detailed account of labor and all of our sweet baby boy's story in a few days. But I wanted to at least get the basics up here for anyone who was waiting for news. I can't wait to fill everyone in though on his story and on how strongly I have felt God's presence and love through these last days of pregnancy and in our Baby Boy's arrival.

But for now, welcome Little Man. We are so very happy to have you here.