Friday, December 16, 2011

Nine months...

Sweet Pea is nine months old today.

Every month marker is shocking to me, so I'm not sure nine months feels any more shocking than eight or seven or four or two months felt... each month comes with such dizzying speed I just can't quite catch my breath.

But nine months does sound big for my newborn baby girl. ;o) Sure she has a couple of teeth, can crawl and pull up to stand, and is starting to say "Mama." But she's just a very advanced newborn.

How can time go by so crazy fast? How can my baby be nine months, three-quarters of a year old?

How can I be the mother of six children - my oldest rounding towards the decade mark?

But there it is. She is nine months old. He is turning ten. The days do keep whizzing by.

And I just want to savor every second of it and treasure it up in my heart. Because I know that in the blink of an eye it will all be behind me, and nine months will be a lifetime ago and my babies will have their own babies, and I won't be the Mommy any more.

So I am cherishing. I am basking. I am enjoying each day. And it's a good thing... because there is so very much to enjoy each day.

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